How long does it take for a physical postcard to arrive to destination?

Once the postcards has been processed (in 3 business days), delivery time depends on the destination, but in general it's from 4/5 business days for USA/Europe/Italy addresses and 10/15 for the rest of the World.

How much does it cost?

Postino App is free. Sending eCards is free. Sending real, physical postcards requires "virtual stamps", which are sold at 1.99$ (for a worldwide destination) if you buy a single one and less if you buy a package of multiple stamps or a Special Pack (Summer Pack, Christmas Pack, Love Pack...). The more you buy, the less they cost.

Where and how do I purchase stamps?

Go to the Stamps tab inside Postino and follow the instructions. You can pay through PayPal if you already have a PayPal Account or directly with your Credit Card. You can purchase stamps also online on our Buy Stamps Page.

What happens if I change/restore my phone? Will I loose my stamps?

Since Postino does not rely on user accounts (there is no registration process), stamps are associated to a specific phone with UDID / ID (Finding your UDID / ID). However if you change/restore your device just contact us by Info/About tab (inside Postino) and we'll move your stamps to the new device.

Where are postcards printed and sent from?

We use printing facilities in USA and Europe and use the one that is closer to the destination address. We rely on the national postal services when possible and on private couriers otherwise.

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